e all have this worry about maintaining our manicures. This article offers you the solution to this problem in only 05 steps..

1- Respect the nature of your nails: If you have particularly damaged nails, or if you are accustomed to biting or chewing them, start with false nails short enough to make a first test. You can then move up a gear when you fill them in. Above all, adapt the length of your nails to your daily life.

2- Respect a reasonable delay between the application and the filling (or removal): The recommended delay between a false nail application and the filling (or removal) is between 3 and 4 weeks. The most important thing is to focus on yourself: not everyone reacts the same way, and nails can grow more or less quickly from one person to another.

3- Pay attention to everyday gestures: One of the basic rules for maintaining false nails is to re-evaluate all everyday gestures, especially if you have opted for (very) long nails. You must familiarize yourself as much as possible with your new nails, and get used to opening a door, holding the steering wheel of your car or cooking without the risk of hanging them up, turning them over or, in the worst case, pulling them out. I can assure you that you will quickly get used to the new sensations of false nails. You will simply have to be careful in the first few days! 😊

4- Protect your hands as often as possible: Let’s stay within the realm of everyday gestures with this simple but essential reminder: don’t forget to protect your hands when using cleaning products! Some household products contain components that are harmful to gel or semi-permanent nail polish nails, such as acetone or certain pigments. So protect your hands with gloves when washing dishes, cleaning or handling laundry; they will say thank you! 😊

5- Do not alter the shade of your false nails: Finally, my last advice to make false nails last as long as possible is the following: do not superimpose several layers of colored nail polish directly on gel nails or semi-permanent nail polish. You can eventually apply a layer of clear nail polish before applying the colored nail polish of your choice, if you really want to change your style. However, I cannot advise you enough to call upon a professional to fill in, apply or change your fake gel or semi-permanent nail polish nails.


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